Company profile

Dalian Jianxinhai Consulting Co., Ltd. is a company providing psychological counseling and mental health education services. The company's product development began in 2010, and the company was formally established in 2013. Mainly committed to the national psychological counselors, sandbox enthusiasts and other related people to carry out the company's own research and development, with Chinese characteristics, universal and effective structural group sandbox psychological technology training, supervision, assessment and series of courses development and operation services, as well as psychological health public welfare based on this technology. Industry. Headquartered in Dalian City, Liaoning Province, the company has training department, supervision department, assessment department, public welfare department, liaison department, curriculum development department and other departments. The company now has 48 team members, including 9 administrators, 39 lecturers and supervisors (33% doctor, 61% master, 6% undergraduate, 90% with senior vice titles).

Structural group sandbox psychological technology training course is a series of excellent courses designed and polished by the company for many years. It has been standardized in the national psychological training market. All members of Jianxinhai Team always abide by the operation concept of "starting from public welfare and ending at profit", take improving the mental health literacy of all regions, trades and the masses of the people as their responsibility, actively promote the spread of structured group sandbox psychological technology, and cultivate a number of excellent, qualified and serving the public. Sand table division.

At the same time, according to the different characteristics of various industries, the company further develops new product courses. The main products are applied courses of mental health education for education, public security, community, medical and other systems, public welfare project service courses, sand table teacher assessment and certification courses. The development of product courses and the application of industry have greatly enriched the suitable population for the practice and application of structured group sandbox psychological technology, and made the structured group sandbox psychological technology go to a broader market, and achieved good social and economic benefits.

Healthy and dedicated, starting from the heart. Dalian Jianxinhai Consulting Co., Ltd. will always adhere to the service innovation, pragmatic and enterprising attitude, and work hand in hand with you to move forward and grow together.